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The PSPG project

The PhotonSolarSystems brand was born as a basis for the support of the PSPG (Portable Solar Power Generator) project.
The fields in which it operates are mainly two: the Energy sector and the Renewable Energy sector, also sharing particular interest in all projects aimed at simplifying and supporting the energy transition in progress.

The idea

The project was born from a problem: being able to charge the batteries of a drone on the airfield or during a mountain excursion. 

This problem started a chain of events that led to the design of storage systems capable of supplying electricity in any situation.

The solution

Through the use of solar panels and simple electronic components, it was possible to condense an entire photovoltaic system inside a briefcase. 

Thanks to this simple implementation it was possible to create a new device capable of solving the problems of dependence on the electricity grid.

Briefcase PNG.png

The PSPG project

In 2021, from a simple idea born to solve a common problem, we came to the foundation of the PSPG project and the related Photon brand. 

The ambition behind the development of this project has made it possible to create new devices, increasingly efficient, which nevertheless maintain the same values established at the beginning of this journey.

Future developments

The Photon team continues to invest in the research and development of ever more efficient and ecological devices for the production of electricity.

Thanks to technological innovation, the Photon brand is preparing to become a point of reference in the renewable energy sector, promoting a sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyle.

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