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Nati per le emergenze



In an era in which attention to climate change and sustainability is becoming increasingly important, the Photon brand wants to be a point of reference  in the production of electricity. Thanks to technological innovation and continuous research, the Photon brand is preparing to become an alternative to the old and bulky portable generators or to the installation of expensive photovoltaic systems. Choosing a Photon portable solar generator means making a responsible choice for the environment and for the future of the next generations.


Photon generators represent the starting point for the decentralization of the electricity production process.

The underlying values of this project are eco-sustainability, the right to have a free and free energy source to power one's homes and which can be used by anyone.

Thanks to this vision, it is possible to provide people with a concrete alternative to the use of non-renewable electricity and the resulting pollution.


Together for a better future

PSPG team

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